Maintenance Tips for Tabletop Fireplaces

Despite having different varieties of tabletop fireplaces, maintenance needs are subject to vary. In general, traditional fireplaces which burn wood need a chimney and it is very difficult to clean and maintain and it is very costly. On the other side, indoor tabletop fireplaces are easy to install and need less maintenance. Your choice will depend upon the time you need to deal with the fireplaces.

Is It Best to Use Tabletop Fireplaces for Heating?

It obviously relies on the types of tabletop fireplaces you need to install. If you are going to install a traditional fireplace on the tabletop, which consists of chimney and which can be used in cooking, they can be the best source of heating.  Such types of tabletop fireplace are good for apartment buildings. In log cabin, you may like to use it in winter and it might be vital to install a good tabletop fireplace in the heart of your home with proper ventilation system.

If you want to go ventless, it is better to choose bio ethanol tabletop fireplace that don’t combust wood. Instead, they have very fine gel which doesn’t create smoke and it is not dangerous to pets and people. Such types of fireplaces are used to create ambience without smoke and risks of poisoning with carbon monoxide.